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Production.  Life.  Elevated.


Since each event is unique, we like to start the process organically. Let’s connect, +1 855.398.2100 or, and see how we may be of service to you and the audience you wish to inspire.



First and foremost, we are a team. 


As a team, we bridge the gap between creativity and technology for live and virtual events.  We are reliable, inventive, and wildly creative in our use of technology to drive confidence and purpose. 


Our passion is to take our knowledge and tools and lay them at the feet of event producers and presenters, ensuring they can concentrate entirely on the overall design, messaging, and experience while we seamlessly handle the nuts and bolts. 


We believe in a holistic approach to successful production. That success is not determined simply by one momentary event, but by the impact carried forward as life continues beyond the show.


We intend to be consistently cognizant of each person's contribution and experience and to bring harmony, stability, and teamwork to our interactions whenever possible.


We raise the bar - both on quality of production value, and on the experience of life as we work together. It is our driving force to bring a fuller, richer, and more impactful event experience to our clients and partners that support everyone's experience of life in full.



Event Technologies.

Oftentimes it’s more efficient to work with one point of contact to manage all audio-visual aspects of an event.  Using our extensive partner network we’re able to provide you with all the technology required in one beautifully managed package.  Allowing you and your team to focus on the content being presented.


Technical Production Management.

Our technical producers work tirelessly to bridge the gap between creativity and technology.  Bringing together what feels like thousands of years of experience, we lead the technical team to fulfill the creative vision developed by your team of producers and event owners.

Many projects only require the work of one person. However, when a Watch Dog Technical Producer is engaged in a project, our entire team offers support. As a part of our "pack," our technical producers have access to a virtually endless supply of knowledge and experience.


Technical Staffing.

The best laid plans would be nothing without a proper team to execute them.  Our ever growing list of technical personnel allows us to custom build a team for each event so that plans are realized and experiences elevated.


We approach event design from the technical point of view which allows us to present options based on the reality of the space and resources available.  Instead of spending days turning an abstract rendering into an executable plan our approach saves time and allows your producers and event owners to make quicker decisions.



Essential tools in any event plan are the drawings used to communicate the physical setup requirements.  Our drafting team works tirelessly to create systems and templates that lay the foundation for meticulous drawings, which become unique realities.


Whether working on a drawing for one of our technical producers or laying out technical specs of a fresh scenic design, our drafting team painstakingly focuses on the smallest details.


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